Orly is the founder of the global non-profit, Life Vest Inside, a kindness expert, educator, best selling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker who inspires audiences to take action. Her talks and workshops provide the groundwork for lasting change and motivate people to become the best version of themselves so that they can influence the world for good. Drawing from her personal journey, groundbreaking science, and her signature wit, Orly inspires people to tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world. Through her talk, Orly demonstrates how kindness and a simple shift in perspective can alter the way a person connects with themselves and the world around them. Life Vest Inside gained international acclaim when Orly’s award-winning film “Kindness Boomerang” went viral, receiving over 100 million people, landing her a spot at TED2013 and launched what has come to be known as the “Kindness Revolution”.

Find Orly and Lifevest Inside online: on her website: www.lifevestinside.com www.danceforkindness.com 

Check out the LifeVestInside's Youtube channel @lifevestinside

Facebook: @lifevestinside

Twitter: @lifevestinside

Instagram: @lifevestinside

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